A Look at the Strong Real-Life Heroines that Make Up Wonder Woman

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Everyone has heroes; they inspire us to be the best we can and push forward.

While Superheroes aren’t real, they are always treated as ideals and are there to inspire and guide us, similar to the way Greek gods and heroes pushed ancient civilisations forward.

Nowadays, we get multiple movies about them every year, but there’s one particular hero who, after decades of waiting, has finally gotten her debut on the big screen: the female superhero icon, Wonder Woman.

Originally conceived by psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G. Peter, Wonder Woman was created to be a female symbol in a world that at the time was dominated by male superheroes and where women faced a lot of unfairness.

With time, Wonder Woman didn’t just achieve but surpassed her fellow heroic characters when it came to representing the meaning of a hero, and one people could relate to better than the god-like Superman or darker-by-the-minute Batman.

Wonder Woman’s arrival on the silver screen is a welcome addition not just for her fans, but for young girls who finally get to have a heroine spearheading her movie.

For this movie adaptation (as well as for what’s been mapped out of the DC Universe) she will be played by Israeli actress and model, Gal Gadot.

Gal Gadot is no slouch herself and is fit for playing the role. Not only did she win Miss Israel back in 2004, but she’s also participated in Miss Universe and has modelled for many brands, among them being Huawei, Captain Morgan and Gucci.

She’s also led a career in the military where she learned combat and weapons training, something that came in handy for her role as Giselle in the action-packed and logic-defying Fast and the Furious series.

Needless to say, Gadot herself has trained and strived to embody the character as best she can, and she understands what it means to others and uses that to push herself harder.

However, she’s not the only amazing woman featured in this film. Aside from Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman also brings together famous actresses like Robin Wright (from House of Cards fame) and Connie Nielsen who plays Diana’s (Wonder Woman’s real name) mother.

Aside from the big name stars, Wonder Woman also brought on actual fitness and fighting experts to portray characters, among them is Singaporean martial artist and actress Mayling Ng, who plays the role of Orana, Diana’s rival growing up.

Mayling has created quite a career for herself, as a model she’s participated in the Miss Singapore Bikini Competition. She’s also trained with world champion martial artists all across the world and has made a name for herself as a personal trainer as well. Her experiences allowed her to see the world and gain a reputation as a professional actress in Hong Kong and Hollywood.

With all of these amazing women on set (and that’s without talking about director Patty Jenkins), it’s unsurprising to see that Wonder Woman has become one of the highest-grossing superhero films in only a few days.

However, beyond just doing justice to the character, this stands as a statement for female superheroes and movies led by women in general, not just of different backgrounds but different generations.

So what do you think? Did you already see Wonder Woman or are you waiting to see what people’s reactions are? Either way, this is a movie that’s sure to go down as a milestone, not just for the superhero genre but films in general.

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