Do You Treat Fitness Like a Trend or Lifestyle?

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The Fitness lifestyle has become a hot trend around the world, and this boom has propelled regular physical activity (and nutrition) to the spotlight.

However, we know that anything done excessively is a bad thing, and it has led us to question whether we can consider this tendency a flourishing lifestyle or just a temporary trend.

So, which one is it?

Nowadays, we could say fitness has gained a “trend” status, considering that lengthy muscle building routines, formerly reserved almost exclusively for bodybuilders, have gotten very popular, leading even women to work towards a highly sculpted body with defined abs.

Although this boom has encouraged people to engage in physical activity and healthy nutrition, which are habits worth promoting, some enthusiasts have pushed training and nutrition to the limits to get a real “Fitness” body.

There are many self-proclaimed “gurus” these days, bloating social networks with advice and guidance to promote “healthy” nutrition regimes that may result unbalanced for those who do not spend most of their time at the gym.

They might even recommend supplements that can be effective but also seriously harmful for people’s health if not taken under medical supervision.

If your goal is to lose some weight, the diet plans you see in magazines or the ones your friends suggest will end up giving you that unwanted ‘rebound’ effect that is damaging to your health.

Only bariatrics or nutrition specialists can assist you in finding out your caloric requirements and design a diet plan that helps you to achieve your goal and, most important, allowing you to keep your weight under control for the long run.

These health professionals are the ones with the right knowledge to recommend you a training plan with a licensed trainer, according to your needs.

Being lean and active is needed to be healthy, but too much of it can be harmful. For example, an excessive protein intake could irreversibly damage your kidneys and liver; also, exercising too much could lead to an obsession called Muscle Dysmorphia, which can result serious consequences on both your body and mind.

Regardless of any trend, your health is the most important thing, and there are no shortcuts to take care of it. Always ask for medical advice, it’s essential to start on your path to a more active lifestyle.

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