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Women, This Is How To Tone Your Body (Without Leaving Your Home)

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Not all people can afford a gym membership, and others simply do not have enough time to train in a gym, but that does not mean that we should dismiss the chance to practice a healthy workout.

This is a series of aerobic exercises that will help you tone your body, lose some weight and burn fat without leaving your home.

To lose weight, you need to get some aerobic workout, that is, a workout capable of raising our heart rate, with sustained intensity (30 to 45 minutes approximately, to achieve fat burning).

This, together with a healthy nutrition regime and lifestyle, provides us with benefits among which we can find weight loss.


First, you need to get a shoulder or hip width stance, with your toes pointing slightly outwards. You can use a light bar above your shoulders, which will help you keep a neutral spine.

While maintaining your spine as straight as possible, you must flex your knees, getting down with your butt to the floor, until you get a 90-degree angle, raising your arms at the same time. You have to push your hips back, keeping your torso as straight as possible, ensuring your knees do not travel too far forward over your feet. Then, you get back to the starting position and repeat.


You stand on your feet, with a hip width stance and firm on the floor. Keep your spine neutral and stable, trying to maintain balance. You can let your arms hang on your sides, or you can get your hands on your hips.

Then, you bring one foot ahead, flexing your knee, just like taking a step, leaning your body forwards, with your torso in a straight position, until you get a 90-degree angle. Finally, you get back to starting position, with an upright torso and hip-width stance and repeat the movement with your other leg.


It is a complete exercise, which engages almost all muscle groups in your body. It is necessary to proceed with caution, and it is performed with a bar (it should be light on the beginning).

Your spine has to be completely straight from the start, pushing your butt back, to keep your lumbar discs safe from possible injury; ideally, you should flex your knees a little, to distribute the effort through your whole body.

Your feet should flat on the floor, with hip-width stance, and your toes are pointing slightly outwards. Your shoulders should be slightly ahead of the bar, and the grip made with your hands outside of your legs, so your arms are as vertical as possible.

When you start lifting the weight, your hips and shoulders must rise simultaneously, and the bar should travel vertically, as close to your body as possible.

Any Workout Involving Your Legs

An abdominal workout that includes your lower body, in other words, your legs, is always an intense exercise. To accomplish that, you can use a Fitballs (typical giant balls).

Laying on your front, you get the ball between your legs, grabbed with your ankles, with your arms fully extended behind your head, and then, you raise both your legs and arms, passing the ball from your feet to your hands.

This way, you get to work out both your upper and lower limbs.


Using your hands, you hang yourself under a bar or another place similar, letting your body suspended. With this movement, you elevate your body from a lower point, with your arms extended, until reaching the bar with your chest, ending with your arms flexed and tucked next to your torso.

You could buy some homemade bars, and it is one of the most beneficial exercises, with which you can work on several muscle groups.

3 Key Moments When Exercising

  • Warming up is key to prevent injuries, because it raises muscles, joints, and blood temperature and, besides, it optimises performance by setting the muscles at the right temperature for exercise.
  • The central part of the training session is where you chase the goals you want to accomplish, such as losing weight, toning your body or gaining muscle strength.
  • In the end, you should take your body back to a calm state. After getting your body revved up through physical, performing some light movements and stretches is a good idea, to make muscle fibres get back to natural condition to allow you to keep going with your daily routine.

As you can see, this series of exercises allow you to tone your body at home without any expensive equipment. In addition to toning your body, you can train several muscle groups without either going to a gym or buying equipment and sports apparel. Body-weight training is a good choice to get in shape during your vacation, in outdoors or even at the beach.

Do not forget to use these exercises to achieve good muscle condition, right at home or any place you want.

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