7 Foods That’ll Help You Live Longer (You Might Have At Home)

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Medical advancements are bringing us closer and closer to the living 100 plus years reality but turns out many places around the world have been in the long living game for a while.

Their secret? Certain super-healthy foods that slow the ageing process while giving you the nutrients and energy you need to live those extra years to their fullest.

Here are 10 of the top foods that’ll help you live longer.

1. Olive (and Olive Oil)

Olive has a hefty effect on heart and artery health, as they lower blood pressure and regulate blood’s cholesterol levels, which have made Olive a prime ingredient in many Mediterranean villages known for their longevity. Not to mention, it protects us from some kinds of cancer, namely the breast kind, and slows neuronal ageing, preventing cognitive degeneration and memory loss.

2. Garlic & Onions

Their iconic scent lets us recognise these from a mile away, but it’s as strong as their health benefits. Garlic and onions are natural antibiotics (hunting down bacteria before it can make its move), they regulate cholesterol levels in blood and have anticoagulant properties that enhance blood pressure, making them very popular among those concerned with hypertension.

3. Broccoli

Cabbages have plenty of nutritious qualities, but Broccoli stays at the top for preventing tumours and their expansion by stimulating detoxifying enzymes, which in turn work on getting rid of cancerous cells and your body’s waste.

4. Serrano Ham

When it comes to minerals like Iron, Potassium and Zinc, or B Group vitamins, serrano ham is a common choice among athletic groups thanks to its low-fat ratio when compared to other meats, along helping with anaemia.

5. Lemon

The king of citric prevents and combats cancer, reduces cholesterol levels, fends off fungus, virus and bacterial infections, and works as a natural anti-inflammatory. Of course, it’s got the antioxidant Vitamin C and flavonoids, which block the spreading of cancerous cells.

6. Honey

It’s unusual to find a sweetener with medical properties, but honey alone contains over 100 beneficial chemicals, working as everything from antibacterial and antifungal, antioxidant, reduces allergy symptoms, boosts your energy… And all of this while being effective, no fat and no cholesterol replacement of sugar.

7. Tomatoes

Rich in antioxidants and Lycopene, this intense red fruit can prevent tumours (namely prostate cancer) and heart diseases, making it a prime choice among males looking for anti-ageing foods.

Not to mention, unlike other foods in this list, processed tomatoes have even more nutritious properties than the natural thing, making ketchup, juice and soup a beneficial addition to your diet.

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