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Operation Guardian Angel aims to raise fund for a good cause !

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For most of us, playing a game of basketball after work or a quick run before dinner is all what we do to exercise to keep fit and healthy. But when your passion of sports can be used to change the lives of others who are in need and help others to overcome difficult situations, it is indeed commendable.

We are inspired by this meaningful Fitness Charity Event organised by CrossFit Singapore who is passionate about bringing their community of people together in Singapore in supporting a fund raising activity to help raise awareness for a good cause !

Operation Guardian Angel is an annual charity fitness event organised by the CrossFit Singapore to help raise funds and awareness for its adopted charity, Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) [DSA(S)]. The DSA(S) is a registered charity which is the leading organisation for supporting individuals with Down Syndrome and their families in Singapore and promoting their social integration.

Now in its second year following its successful debut in 2016, Operation Guardian Angel is the brainchild of Coach K, Head Coach and Director of CrossFit Singapore. It seeks to capitalise on the growing popularity of CrossFit, a fitness regime which combines elements of gymnastics, weightlifting and cardiovascular fitness in a high intensity environment, to give back to the community. Participating athletes will be expected to perform a programed series of exercises known in CrossFit community as a “WOD” or “Workout of the Day”.

Operation Guardian Angel 2017 is supported by athletes from several local CrossFit boxes. A key addition to this year’s event is the inclusion of athletes from DSA(S) as well as the para-athletes from Society Staples who will also be performing the “WOD”.

 “All the strength in the world means nothing if we can’t lend a helping hand. All the money amounts to nothing if we can’t use it to help another.” – Coach K


Operation Guardian Angel 2017 aims to raise proceeds of S$25,000 for DSA(S). The event is open to members of the public of all fitness levels. Alternatively, direct donations to DSA(S) are also welcome.

Do come support them by participating in this event as an athlete or simply make a personal donation for a good cause !

For more details or to make donations, please visit the event website or contact the organisers at


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