5 Natural Drinks To Lose Weight And Increase Daily Performance

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Knowing what healthy beverages to drink, and when, is as much of art as it’s science. Be it to relax your body, serve as a nutritional supplement or to keep your anxiety in check; some drinks will yield better results than the rest.

Here are five smoothies to kick start your mornings.

1. Aloe Vera To Flatten Your Abdomen

That’s right: with only a spoon of aloe vera gel (and a lemon cut in half), we get a drink that gets rid of toxins and tummy fat, as it hunts down trans fats and cleanses your body.

All you need to do is blend a piece of aloe vera gel (no spine or carcass) and half a lemon (also without seeds) until it gets the consistency of a punch.

Accompanied with a weight-losing diet, this drink is sure to bring the most out of your regime.

2. Melon Juice To Lose Weight

An excellent drink to say goodbye to your body’s most common enemy: fluid retention that causes inflammation and leg muscle pain, while also working against toxins and to neutralising heartburn.

In its natural state, melon helps in preventing skin blemishes, also helping to keep cholesterol levels down and increasing your physical performance thanks to its high quantities of fibres, potassium, calcium and zinc.

This anytime-you-want drink consists on slicing half a melon, and adding a cup of strawberries plus four lettuce leaves (properly washed!) and blending them into the perfect beverage to lose weight every hour of the day.

3. Burn Your Fat With Cranberries

Looking for something to compliment your exercising routine by burning trans fats and giving you that extra whoomp? Cranberries are for you.

Cranberries are surprisingly helpful against an array of illnesses (vascular diseases, cancer, even some dental problems), but here we are looking at its high concentrations of Vitamin C, E, and fibre.

This drink is a bit more complicated: you’ll need a cup of cranberries, half a banana and ¼ of a cup of spinach and five pineapple cubes to give it flavour and ramp up the healthiness; with one cup of green tea and half a cup of yoghurt to get the texture just right.

The blended result is three rations of delicious juice you’ll ideally drink down through the day, (hint: during your meals is a perfect time).

4. Papaya Juice To Get Rid Of Gastritis

Few things can drill you down to your bed and stop a day cold like Gastritis, so here’s a drink to escape the pain and ease your digestion.

Take a cup of sliced papaya, one spoon of linseed, another of honey, two of oatmeal, and mix it up with two cups of water. To get the most out of this digestion fixer, you should only drink it during mild fasting for over a week (so there’s not much food preventing it from doing its job).

5. Hot Chocolate To Get Over Anxiety

You might’ve seen this one coming, and we all waited for it: chocolate is, as if to make us happy, full of health benefits like bettering circulation and releasing feel-good endorphins. However, today we are looking at his cortisol-reducing effects – cortisol is the “stress hormone” that makes you feel stressed and anxious.

Of course, you can buy pre-made hot chocolate, but doing it yourself allows you to tune the chocolate and milk to your taste, the texture will be less sludgy, and will easily get you more bang for your buck.

If you don’t know the gist: you’ll need to heat up milk, water and sugar. Meanwhile, chop the chocolate (dark chocolate works best for this) and either get it all inside a regular blender or a manual one – chocolate fuses with the milk very fast, and going manual does leave some small pieces of sweet chocolate you might love in the drink.

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