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At Espire, we always seek to feature contributions on our magazine! If you are an expert (or enthusiasts with thorough knowledge) in the areas of health, beauty and fitness, we are looking to showcase you!

Contributing at Espire Magazine is your chance to change people’s lives one health tip at a time; and a unique opportunity for you and your brand to gain exposure, credibility and to grow your following.

As a contributor, you’ll benefit from attribution and reaching out to our readership (as well as backlinking to your own sites).

Become a regular (or ad hoc) contributor!

Regular contributors submit one article per month and enjoy a constant stream of exposure with the advantages of regularly reaching out to your audience. Ad hoc contributors might have the insight but not enough time for a more regular schedule – and that’s fine! You can still submit your pieces anytime, when you feel you have something to share with our public.

All contributors keep their names attached to their work (and permission to backlink to their sites).

Espire Magazine focuses on health, wellness, fitness and beauty, and we are glad to accept high-quality contributions that can help our readers in their daily habits and routines.

Already have an interesting article or idea?

If you have a piece of content (or are imagining it whole as you read this), you are very close to being featured with us. Here are our writing guidelines:

  • Articles should be at least 600 words long.
  • It should deliver valuable, insightful, and actionable content.
  • You should provide research, and link back to the sources when citing numbers or scientific data (extra important as these are health-related pieces).
  • We accept high-quality contributions as long as they aren’t overly self-promotional. Note we do give a chance for backlinking and give you total credit for the article.
  • Content must be unique – nothing recycled or plagiarised.
  • Your articles are promoted all across our social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), but we hope you can share to your own social media so it benefits even more people.

Also, you can contribute even without writing yourself! Should you know an expert that you feel has the knowledge and voice people need, you can leave us a message explaining why we should feature him or her.

As for our policies, while we’ll do our best to publish as many contributions as possible, Espire doesn’t guarantee publication for every submitted article, and we reserve the right reuse or modify the content if needed to make it more suitable for our magazine.

However, if everything goes smoothly, you’ll reap the benefits of reaching out to our audience while providing them with incredible value, all while growing your following.

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